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Our sanctuary began in 1995 with the rescue of eight potbelly pigs. These eight pigs quickly grew into 50 pigs within just a few months. Today we are over 300 pigs, this includes potbellies, domestics (farm), and ferals. We are one of a few sanctuaries that are certified to take in the feral pigs. All pigs are welcome here, but our emphasis is on the feral pig rescue because there's no other place for them to go. Our pigs are not kept in individual pens, they are allowed to roam freely one 75 acres. Some of the pigs have suffered from abuse, neglect and abandonment, starvation and human misconception, therefore we feel that the pigs deserve health, happiness and the freedom to just be a pig. The pigs have  several acres to roam on with 3 large stock tanks for mudbathing (which is very important for a piggy's happiness). There is a 4,000 square foot barn where all the pigs sleep comfortably together. Our sanctuary is different than most in that our pigs are not kept in pens but are allowed to move in herds. Our  elderly,  special needs pigs, and very young pigs are all housed in a separate areas. We also have a newcomers area for the new pigs so they can get adjusted before being introduced to the herd.




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